Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Doing little these last two days other than observing. I'm working as a volunteer crossing guard at a school conveniently placed near a vendor used routinely by my target company, I'll call it George's Soap Company for now.

I've discovered two possible ways into GSC. Ignoring the obvious.

I have devised an exposure vehicle that will make it into the building, be dispersed widely, and then disappear: paper towels. I've decided to use the doorway carpets to release the catalyst. The vendor replaces them every Tuesday. The plan will be simple enough. Everyone washes their hands. Everyone in and out of the building will walk across the carpets. The timing is the tricky part. This is a long-term exposure for the purpose of disruption. It has to be subtle. Can't have everyone falling on the floor. We need simple symptoms, headaches, flu-like, we need 'sick building syndrome' here. Stachybotrys-like mycotoxins could be suspected, but won't be found. Bring it on over the next several months. Disruption! But this is only the irritant for a larger company that cannot proceed without input from GSC. Hitting the 'toes', so to speak. I'll have to get into the vendor regularly to initiate the pill and catalyst. Not as easy as it sounds. They support a government contractor so their security is good.

There's a second organization in California that also has to stumble at the same time. This one can't be subtle and has to hit hard. I have to take out three programmers working on the same project but housed in different areas around the world.

'Rachel', my new friend, is most useful. She processes payroll for each of them.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Blood

Tonight I'll be collecting dna samples from my first vile slime ball that needs to be reduced. He's a true waste-of-oxygen that likes to take advantage of women. This last winter he spent time under house arrest while fighting multiple rape charges brought by dates who claimed he'd slipped them roofies and the rest is left up to the imaginations of my readers.

He claimed his victims were offered drugs and accepted willingly (after he'd told them it was a lude). He claimed it was nothing more than a drug-induced mix-up in prescriptions. He pleads innocent to the 'rape' charges. Nothing other than superficial physical evidence linking him to the victims was found. Just shows that the guy maybe knows how to clean up? We'll see.

Problem arises when prosecutors slip up on a routine filing....'technicality' blunder. Reduced charges and a slap. He walks because of mislabeled evidence and tox tests showed both drugs, thus supporting his claim? Judge is an idiot and court's hands are tied. Victims, one of them a housewife who had no intentions of using drugs or having sex, are left grieving.

But I'm gonna meet him. And if he takes the bait, I'm gonna F*CK him up. Now comes my favorite part...deciding a just punishment. I think slingshot will do nicely, but, do I want to take both legs or just one. Both, I should think.

Oh, I know, with all this power at my disposal what am I doing going after punks? They are just appetizers. The real meat will come soon. The true evil in my twisted mind is this country's corporate military complex. Those purveyors of pain that, while selling you floor wax with the right hand, are bombing babies with the left; those individuals that hide behind a corporate label and delude themselves into thinking it's a good thing to waste billions on bombers while our people are homeless and starving, they are about to learn fear.

I don't presume to be able to stop it. I'm not that smart nor capable. But if I can take off a toe or two, wow, maybe even a leg! Wouldn't that be something. If sometime in the near future the heads of these corporations are afraid? If they have to wonder about every sip of water, every pair of socks...if they have to wonder if shaking hands will be fatal....if it's all worth living in fear?

I have a helper now. She's an innocent. Hasn't a clue. But she's well placed for some of my early schemes.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

So close...

Your guess was within 600 miles. On a global scale, that's amazing. Unless, as I suspect, you just released the hounds to all directions.

But all is for nothing! I've made it to my little hidy-hole, and short of my leading you here by the hand, you'll never find it. Besides, I think down deep, you knew this was coming. Now my real work can begin. I've already begun scoping issues that can use my particular style of 'push' in the right direction. Let's hope my moral compass is better than Hogan's. Granted, I won't be making anyone rich, but I'm hoping I can make my little corner of the world a better place.

More on my travels after I've slept a bit. I want to get as much as I can down on paper before I get distracted or killed. But even that can wait until after breakfast.