Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Complex Web

My travels have led me to a coastal town in France where I am to assist in exposing a scientist to the swan bug. There weren’t very extensive human trials and this exposure is to serve a dual purpose: learn if the subject is open to suggestions of spying and see if the pill helps in that endeavor. At the same time I’m to meet up with a crew that was tracking the lost dendromer and see if the rat hole goes as deep as Wil fears. There may be several people involved that don’t realize the extent of the damage Pete and Rojas caused.

Anyway, back to the fun…I teamed up with the subject following the Tour. He’s a rabid fan and conversation was easy and fun, though keeping the guy out of my pants is proving a challenge. I drop the pill tonight at dinner. Nothing fancy. I worry that he may already be so attracted that determining the efficacy of the pill may be impossible. Time will tell, thought. In three days a team will abduct us both and we’ll see if his emotional attachment is great enough that he will perform a few very specific acts of espionage or risk violence upon me. Personally, I like the whole ‘plan b’ aspect so I hope he refuses. Then the team gets to shoot me and f*ck with this guy’s head for a few days.

I learned that I have to undergo a surgery or two to correct some of the damage sustained earlier this year. I’ve developed chronic pain in my left arm, and weakness in that hand. It goes unnoticed by me most of the time except after a few hours in the lab. Repetitive stress. Wil is taking me to BC for the recovery. We’ve grown quite close over the last year.