Monday, May 05, 2008

Fool Me Once

I had my suspicions, and they are confirmed. This isn't the man we are looking for. It looks like him and to a degree, acts like him. But it's not him. I got up close Saturday. The likeness if very good. The voice sounded the same. But after reviewing all our data I started to wonder if it wasn't just a bit too planned, too methodical. But what slipped him up was watching him dance, or rather, not dance. He don't dance. He is a plant, a diversion. The man I knew loved to dance and was very good at it. This guy wouldn't even try, even when a request was made for his favorite style. The man is nervous, too, fidgety with constantly moving eyes, like he knows he has a bulls-eye painted on his back. RJ was always in such great command of his world that very little makes him sweat. That kind of control couldn't have been lost in a decade of success. But then again...why the need for a body double unless someone wants the world to believe he is here?

I can't say that we are back to square one, because we are already planted where we need to be. WK verified location and timeframe from our original information. We just need to unmask RJ. Surveillance is now 24/7 until we find how/when he is entering the complex. 


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