Friday, May 16, 2008

Scratching my head

So obvious, now that we see him. This will require a slight change in our program. Since RJ has decided to hide in plain site while outside the barrier, we will take advantage. In some ways this will make the things a bit easier. We know where he will be most days at 0530. But getting under his nose will be more of a challenge. We are working on scenarios. IMHO, just sitting on the curb near the cans should work, however, we are seeing an elevated level of personal and professional paranoia that we have no data to justify. It is warranted, tho. The industry he works in is heating up dramatically and the risks are unprecedented. We don't want to spook him. If he demands a relocation, we may never be able to track him. We still haven't determined how he is returning each night. The other thing that bugs me is why he has the body double living at the real site. Perhaps because that is where he, himself is expected to be, required to be? 

He's riced! Of course! Can't have the person anywhere other than where tracking says he should be. Nice. Is his double riced as well? No, that would cause confusion. Is the double his ruse or the company's? So there must be someone else keeping an eye on RJ. Perhaps lots of someones. But if we could figure out the decoy so quickly, why not others?

Too many  questions that I am not trained to answer. Too many that I don't even know to ask. this is Wil's area. Tactics are no strong suit of mine, never have been. 


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