Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Doing little these last two days other than observing. I'm working as a volunteer crossing guard at a school conveniently placed near a vendor used routinely by my target company, I'll call it George's Soap Company for now.

I've discovered two possible ways into GSC. Ignoring the obvious.

I have devised an exposure vehicle that will make it into the building, be dispersed widely, and then disappear: paper towels. I've decided to use the doorway carpets to release the catalyst. The vendor replaces them every Tuesday. The plan will be simple enough. Everyone washes their hands. Everyone in and out of the building will walk across the carpets. The timing is the tricky part. This is a long-term exposure for the purpose of disruption. It has to be subtle. Can't have everyone falling on the floor. We need simple symptoms, headaches, flu-like, we need 'sick building syndrome' here. Stachybotrys-like mycotoxins could be suspected, but won't be found. Bring it on over the next several months. Disruption! But this is only the irritant for a larger company that cannot proceed without input from GSC. Hitting the 'toes', so to speak. I'll have to get into the vendor regularly to initiate the pill and catalyst. Not as easy as it sounds. They support a government contractor so their security is good.

There's a second organization in California that also has to stumble at the same time. This one can't be subtle and has to hit hard. I have to take out three programmers working on the same project but housed in different areas around the world.

'Rachel', my new friend, is most useful. She processes payroll for each of them.


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