Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wil he ever learn?

I guess you were quite surprised to see the little gift I left for you in your medicine chest, and, might I add, getting it there proved more difficult than building it. I only know of two locations that you call home so it was a crap shoot as to whether you would even revisit the Lincoln address. But my local man tells me you were there on Monday with a guest.

All those back-up files came in handy. I was able, with some help from my team, to recreate the demon that was let out of the bottle two years ago. This may have been a tremendous waste of my time with regard to assisting you in your search for the missing pill. Hell, for all I know you and your team found it ages ago. What is does show is that I can now recreate my work, and Pete's work, in my little hide-e-hole, for whatever reason I see fit. We've been quite busy. We've been able to shut down two cogs in the wheel, although I recognize that it is a temporary fix, and the MIC remains a thorn, however, we've set our sites on helping with far more dangerous issues.

Someday we may have the chance to introduce you and your team to a recent new member who is uniquely placed in a number of consultant groups and think-tanks. She's something of a white knight in the midst of all those money mongrels. WK became involved in several projects that look and smell frighteningly like nation building in an allied country and they're using our enemies to help build them at the cost of many lives and our nation's soul. All to make the rich dogs richer. Nothing new.

Oh, wait, there is something new...a new player. We're gonna burn it, Wil...and that little bottle in the medicine chest is just the beginning.