Saturday, December 07, 2013

Salt in the wound

It's cold. Very cold and dry, it makes my nose bleed sometimes. I saw my brother at a ball game once, several years ago. He was being followed so I didn't say hello. This was right before it all went to hell and I ran.

The holidays suck out loud when one is alone in the world. I've decided not to be alone for much longer. Found a back way into an Argentine railroad company hiring process and I have interviews set up. They think I'm a dude named Alex. It's a very long way around the problem of trying to get back some of what I've lost. I just need to get close. It will most likely take me years. Ive nothing better to do and I'm too much of a coward to jump off a building. But I think I'm just nuts enough to take the old bastard with me. He was featured on a journal recently and I almost puked.