Thursday, February 22, 2007

48 hours

Guess that's it. I leave day after tomorrow.

I was given a choice...I can board the navy plane under my own power or I will wake up there strapped to a gurney.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cockfight fodder

I can't believe this! Marge tells me I'm being transfered. The Corp is putting me on indefinite loan for a sister project under Silverman's group. WTF! Are they aware of what we're doing now, too? Why not just put a f*cking ad in the Times? These two labs have been at each other for years and now I get dragged into it. What if I lose it again, what if I say the wrong thing a spill the beans about what we do? I'm the 'unreliable nutcase', remember?

They can't do this. I'm not some piece of lab equipment to be boxed up and sent to another lab on a whim. Tel Aviv, of all places! Shit, what are they thinking. I can work on their project just fine from here but apparently I don't get a vote. Or do I? What if I refuse? What are they gonna do? fire me? Besides, there's serious bad guys there still looking for me. What if I'm recognized going into the country?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wally and the Beav

It feels like I never left! Dumped right back into the thick of things. Oh, to see the beauty I'm working on now, we call it the beaver. It works to build up blockages to pathways in the brain (or whatever). The dendromer has these little molecular tentacles the protrude from the branches, acting as curb feelers of sorts. Once they detect enough contact to a narrow vessel wall the pill sits and waits for the catalyst, which will trigger my little builders to begin gathering cholesterol. Doesn't quite work yet but it should soon. About 60% failure rate in molecular affinity but I expect it to be near perfect in a couple weeks. Two human subjects sitting in gitmo-Bulgaria are about to die (big assumption, as the higher-ups seem to be more interested once again in simply incapacitating rather than killing). I asked my watchdog if I could try it out on Dubya. He didn't think it was funny and called my doctor. lol...I guess I scare more than a few people nowadays. Besides, it would be wasted on that idiot and a bigger freak would just take his place. Still like to get that bastard at the Hoover.

And just how unstable am I today? Haven't clue. I think I'm totally insane. But as long as I keep building the micro arsenal they don't pull my plug. (I asked Wil what killswitch they put in me but he just frowns and says I'm too valuable...bullshit) They also don't let me out of their site. I asked to be let out into the field again (sure sign that I'm mad...why else would I volunteer to kill people). They said no. Wil said no. Marg said no, but added 'not yet' so there may be hope that I'll be let out soon. For now I just keep working and seeing the world only through the internet.

Friday, February 02, 2007

WTF! You DID Promise Me a Rose Garden

I thought they were done with me but no such luck. After L.A. and being stung by the competition I was sure they'd put my down, or at least put me out to pasture. Then Cap'n Crunch broke. Wil's team has recovered all but two ampules and his lab has been tearing the dendromer apart. They want my help with a keystone catalyst. Give them what they want? or give them the finger? Hmmm, such a choice.

Wil says They have ordered him to stay away for the time being. Nothing to do but watch my potted one potted plant that is supposed to make me care about the living...

Maxwell's demon...I laugh my ass off. They are so far behind the game. The engine has been working for years now. I helped put the wheels on god's chariot and now we are making and breaking the stuff of life while turning a hefty profit. Life and death is good.