Sunday, July 23, 2006

Us vs Them, the competition gets close

We're planning a mass exposure for behavior mod in the middle east. It's a drill, tho. Too bad. Would be nice to get those asses to play nice together. It should be a no-brainer. We're placing a nanotube (little yellow helper) in a new delivery vehicle, shower gel or soap of some kind. After our last visit there I would be happy to nuke the site from space.

We were meeting a dispatch op in order to get some information on RNA mods that the team there was working on. One of their splices is a thing of beauty. However, the builder couldn't keep the work to himself and ended up drawing unwelcome attention from the outside. Turnkey and I walked into a bloodbath. Four scientists shot execution style and another with signs of torture that didn't last long enough to make the trouble we went through anywhere near worth it. The bad guys were still there. F*ck. Timing is everything. Were they waiting for us? Most likely.

Turnkey's backup was taken while waiting for us on the outside. We still have no word on what happened to her. I still remember what if felt like to have Turnkey's blood, hot and sticky, seaping through my sweater as I tried to carry him through the building. The bullet(s) that shattered his leg also tore the femural artery. He nearly bled out in the back seat of the car. I guess it showed his good judgement to have our driver tour the block rather than wait. Youv would more than likely be dead as well. He took Turnkey to the nearest clinic. The shithole hospital, so I hear, took his leg off a couple days later.

As for me, I got a tiny nick across my chin that at the time felt like it had taken my jaw off. Youv dropped me at the extraction location, but the bad guys found me just as the team got there. More shots fired. Two of them accompanied us back for questioning. The other two were gassed.