Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Human Trial and Error

Seems like we are spinning our wheels. So many months of trying and the human subjects still burn too fast. Looks too much like an illness or infection rather than disease or aging. Fine for dealing with unwanted peasants but the royalty? No way. Frustration eats at us all. But we are too close to turn or quite with this one. We joke at marketing the finished product. Most laugh but a couple of us have to be watched. The fear grows in me. I need to stop this whole thing. But then I see what our enemy does to us all and I renew my faith that I might someday make a difference. If I can keep hold of the tiger's tail.

In the mean time we are doing just fine with the progress in slowing the machine. Due to egocentric gum-flapping we have no trouble identifying and bringing down pieces of the corporate machine, slowing their growth and output. It's turned into a long-haul game.

My old enemies as still sniffing around looking for me. But I am fortunate that they haven't figured out the direction I chose to put my research to work. Easier to hide as a little fish that isn't trying to compete with the government hit squads.