Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Take a Deep Breath..and Hold

Many long months! Christ, the ups and downs are insane. But the progress is impressive. We've solved (well, with a little stolen help) the structure of a major cell for Methuzula. In a few weeks we expect to own the liver. 

One of our greenies has proved to be a most excellent recruit. We are so close now to the new pill that will break specific cell mitochondria within weeks to the point of death from age-related disease. Our mouse/rat models are dropping like flies. The disease process is actually frightening to watch; rapid and exponential cell age and destruction, causing heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, prion-related mental degeneration; whatever the subject is predisposed to. And the cancers! I'm afraid,  but the work goes on. 

We are trying to fine tune the process so we can control, on some small level, the speed of progression. Otherwise the tool is too sharp for anything but a catastrophic, first strike weapon. A doomsday machine, or a very limited use pill. Autopsies on John Q are pretty routine and all our pills would go undetected due to burn, however this one will puzzle the pathologists, specially during an autopsy on high-value targets. Nothing in nature works like this so once it is used folks will be working on trying to break it. But if we can bring it down a peg or two, calm it, focus it to attack a single cellular structure rather that systemically, we can create liver disease, heart disease, dementia, any number of options for killing or disabling a target. As with all our products, exposure is just a touch away and the catalyst is the target's own mitochondria. Once the tetramer crosses the cell membrane and locates it, blamo, the fuse is lit and the mito burns up and starts f*cking up everything it makes like the host is 110 years old and the body's T cells don't even recognize there's a problem. And the best part is if Methuzula is spotted and identified, the public will wonder if the monster was created by the phamas in their run to make drugs to keep everyone young and beautiful. 

This could be the one.  Exhale.


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