Thursday, May 08, 2008

Word Search

"What's missing from this picture?"

Holly asked me while studying the blueprints. Took all of a couple seconds to find our oversight: a back door... an escape route. The lab has to have one. The blueprint shows only one way in and out of an underground set of rooms. No way in hell a researcher will work in a room with only one way in or out. Too dangerous. So, it had to have been left off. And if any additional exit was omitted, what else was left off? 

Gene has a friend who is a specialist in surveillance who will be well paid to find out. We can do no more. That whole end of the building is shielded for light, heat, sound, movement, anything else my limited experience could come up with. Why they would bother to shield a building that is housed on a very secure military base is beyond me. Holly laughed and said "cause of people like us less than a quarter mile outside a silly fence".

The good news is Gene may have figured out who RJ is masquerading as... a sanitation worker. Yup, the garbage man. He thinks RJ is coming and going via a sanitation truck that shows up every morning to manage the public receptacles on the corner. 


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