Friday, May 02, 2008

Hiding in Pain Sight

The chill of the desert is something I cannot become accustomed to no matter how hard I try and I get to bitch about it first. Every injury I've ever sustained aches daily as soon as I leave my apartment and venture into the frigid air. But I like the peace and quite out here. There have been moments during this operation that I have been able to slip away and enjoy it but our focus remains gaining the target's trust. And spring is here, the temp will get above 35 tonight and into the 50s by noon. Woo-friggin-hoo.

The first twelve weeks here were spent just setting up and learning some of his daily routines, which has proved challenging. This man is no civilian researcher, very evident in the first few days of recon. He very rarely repeats his activities, from his drive to work or to get milk, to his running schedule. He never goes at the same time or in the same direction or even the same speed. He skips days and locations. This is no random behavior either. He is very methodical. A small pattern was discovered! After weeks of placing bets on which direction he would go and plotting his behaviors, an equation emerged that seems to work using the face of a clock or spokes of a wheel plus or minus the value of a definable shifting number. We were then able to plan a little better how to put me in his path. For just a peek. We must go very slow. To date he has only seen me twice, both times near the same location, once with "Gene", my boyfriend, and once with Holly, who had the single mission of giving me something to laugh at, myself. 

He likes a serious woman who also has the ability to laugh at herself. Thus, Priscilla, Pris, is born in a tumble down an embankment into a snail-infested creek. I came out of the freezing water spitting mad but Holly and I both actually ended up laughing our asses off. I had no idea this was her plan. Smart girl.

One other interesting discovery: those days we thought he was skipping moving around out of doors are the result of his having a fully functioning lab under his condo. WK was able to get a blueprint off a gov server. 

Saturday I get to place myself and my beau across a room from him, we hope, at a public function that he is a donor for. We have no way however of knowing if he actually plans to attend, but the odds are good. Also attending is a broker for the USAF that he has worked with in the past.


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