Monday, July 23, 2007

Slo motion

It is taking much longer than I would like to pull my new team together, despite the huge pool of willing anarchists that roam the college campuses. I'm almost there. I have two young men from east coast schools, top of their field, one a geneticist and the other a nano-developer. Very bright and very unhappy with the status quo, both more than willing to chat me up about their research and what they would do if....

I have also been in contact, tho under an assumed name, with one of my former colleagues in Texas who is aiding me with building a delivery vehicle that will withstand the kind of abuse the human body can throw at an invading organism yet make it through the blood-brain barrier. She jokingly calls it 'anneuanus, the cure for shit-for-brains'. I nearly fell out of my chair.

My 'sick buildings' are progressing, again, slower that I would like. They can't detect what the problem is, thanks to the regular rotation of the materials I'm using, and are now discussing moves. A near-success, created by this tiny hiccup. They are now months behind.