Monday, December 03, 2007

Mississauga Burning

Pembrook's second team finally returned from recovering a pair of geneticists of interest. Tracked them through 4 states before crossing the northern boarder and coming to a stand-off in a parking lot outside a set of warehouses in the middle of frickin' nowhere. The targets showed a decided lack of intelligence in a) attempting to bluff their way out, and b) only having one little .22 between them to back up the bluff. Not to write them off as total dolts, they were carrying a very nasty MEMS that with a little tweaking might make a big mess of brain matter if they could figure out how to make it work better than 30%.

My team learned of this little duo purely by accident when WK was mixing it up with some like-minded friends and keeping an eye out for talent as a recent weapons convention. What is it with the diabolical mind and it's lack of discretion? Our recruiting techniques are netting more idiots than patriots these days.

Long story short... exposure to a 'shitcan' knock-off and left them to burn in Canada. Al Brighton, M.D. Ph.D. will not be missed. His young lady friend however, might be. Very good friends with CDC director in her home state. Pembrook's team is adding some misdirect to the file. Body double is hooting it up in Calgary and then on to NYC until next Saturday. Hoping that will provide enough separation of space and time.