Friday, February 01, 2008

Eye in the Sky

Wow, what a little money (actually a lot of money) can buy. WK has a connection to a private satellite and began pulling data from it two days ago. An associate at an Israeli university is cleaning up the data and writing me a program to turn the ones and zeros into photos. Our first pix is from a lead on a U.S. government-held camp on foreign soil. Do I want to hit one? Why? Exposure is Kenny's justification. But why expose. Most people already believe the gov has them, and many, in fact, support the use of inhumane means to 'keep us safe', so my only interest would be in shutting it down. Removal? America cannot allow the ends to justify the means. What a hypocritical hag I am. But first I want to know who is in residence. That is the story. That is the real meat. Word is that US and UK citizens as well as a number of others are held there, including one that John Q Public thinks is being held in China. Unsure about this one. Not really our field, but Wil? maybe he would like a peek? Maybe we need to talk, exchange data.

A more disturbing issue that is being looked at is the manipulation of the public in the upcoming elections. What we build would make that a piece of cake. Would the public demand audits if it got out that someone was artificially controlling their vote? hee hee Wonder who would do such a thing? If it turns out to be so, my team will be on it like flies on horses. Problem is, the damage would already be done and the 'government experts' would deny the technology exists to do such a thing. There is some small evidence that tests of a sway measure were conducted in small local elections for the last several years. I have no idea if it's true, but we can sure look at the results and if there are any shocking upsets, all it takes is a few urine samples (this of course depends on the nano used; if the burns are clean, there would be no proof).

Election day begins something entirely different for my team, tho. We are bound for the southwest and some infiltration of 29palms. Not far from there, development of a new weapons technology is in its infancy and I want inside. The team has modified SWAN and we are gonna see if we can catch us a little helper. I'm suspecting this will take another 6 months to a year to produce results. There can be no rushing this one. I actually met our target at a training camp in '92. I've undergone some very drastic changes to make myself as unrecognizable as possible. My greatest advantage is I know his tastes enough to catch some attention, and it doesn't hurt that I've some talent with his favorite hobby, assuming he still dances.


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