Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wally and the Beav

It feels like I never left! Dumped right back into the thick of things. Oh, to see the beauty I'm working on now, we call it the beaver. It works to build up blockages to pathways in the brain (or whatever). The dendromer has these little molecular tentacles the protrude from the branches, acting as curb feelers of sorts. Once they detect enough contact to a narrow vessel wall the pill sits and waits for the catalyst, which will trigger my little builders to begin gathering cholesterol. Doesn't quite work yet but it should soon. About 60% failure rate in molecular affinity but I expect it to be near perfect in a couple weeks. Two human subjects sitting in gitmo-Bulgaria are about to die (big assumption, as the higher-ups seem to be more interested once again in simply incapacitating rather than killing). I asked my watchdog if I could try it out on Dubya. He didn't think it was funny and called my doctor. lol...I guess I scare more than a few people nowadays. Besides, it would be wasted on that idiot and a bigger freak would just take his place. Still like to get that bastard at the Hoover.

And just how unstable am I today? Haven't clue. I think I'm totally insane. But as long as I keep building the micro arsenal they don't pull my plug. (I asked Wil what killswitch they put in me but he just frowns and says I'm too valuable...bullshit) They also don't let me out of their site. I asked to be let out into the field again (sure sign that I'm mad...why else would I volunteer to kill people). They said no. Wil said no. Marg said no, but added 'not yet' so there may be hope that I'll be let out soon. For now I just keep working and seeing the world only through the internet.


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