Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cockfight fodder

I can't believe this! Marge tells me I'm being transfered. The Corp is putting me on indefinite loan for a sister project under Silverman's group. WTF! Are they aware of what we're doing now, too? Why not just put a f*cking ad in the Times? These two labs have been at each other for years and now I get dragged into it. What if I lose it again, what if I say the wrong thing a spill the beans about what we do? I'm the 'unreliable nutcase', remember?

They can't do this. I'm not some piece of lab equipment to be boxed up and sent to another lab on a whim. Tel Aviv, of all places! Shit, what are they thinking. I can work on their project just fine from here but apparently I don't get a vote. Or do I? What if I refuse? What are they gonna do? fire me? Besides, there's serious bad guys there still looking for me. What if I'm recognized going into the country?


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