Friday, May 25, 2007

Dumb chicks

I've developed a little side project to help a neighbor in the marina. She happened to walk into the laundry room very early one morning and discovered the 14 yo daughter of a friend going down on a man who lives up the street. They claim it's consensual. F*ck consensual, she's 14, looks 10, christ, long red pig-tails and check shorts and a spongebob t-shirt. I put an eye on the man: late 20s and works for the airport handling luggage or some shit. Really sick thing is he's got a hot girlfriend and she don't look much older, but she confirms 19 yo. He buys her boy shorts and tank tops for her birthday, and she's an idiot. Tells my friend that she can't stand the stuff he gets for her, but she wears it to 'please' him. God! I could smack women like this.

I kicked by friend's ass for not calling the cops! Says she felt bad for the little girl! Here's to keeping all the wrong kind of secrets. And now, get this, she's getting crank calls in the middle of the night! How much you wanna bet I know who the caller is?

Still working on what to do about it.


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