Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm a travelin' man...

If there is some way for me to make amends, this has to be it.

After dropping the memos, I took a cab back to the safe house. Once there I slipped out the side door and into an adjoining ally. I dumped the bright red wig and mini for a much more conservative Salwar Kameez and long black braid. A little dark pancake and I was ready to shyly board a train that took me east, then south. I waited until dark to attempt a boarder crossing with a group of Indian scholars that were conventioning near the coast. I traveled by bus with them for several miles before slipping out during a rest stop, during which I changed from Indian woman to man, plus a few pounds.

Once I crossed water I was traveling as an investor for Oil India. I attended a brief summit with fellow executives before boarding a commuter to my next destination. Several long waits and more cramped busses. I had to burn a couple days before my arrival in aljawf.

I was stuck there for several days. Needed the cool down time for those who are looking for me. My transport off the continent won’t be ready for several weeks but I can’t spend them all here. Strangers get noticed if they stay too long. The overland travel is all done in the dark. I find it peaceful. My support folks have been spot-on with the plans. Everything is where it’s supposed to be when I arrive. I’m close now. I’m almost to my final destination by timeline. But the actual distance is still huge. It will be nice to be where I can speak the language again.


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