Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Have Other Plans

My first Israeli field assignment: help shape a vote. Simple stuff really. Get a couple of influential people to doubt their position long enough to delay a vote.

I was handed the tightest little skirt I've ever seen and a red wig. I added a little touch of my own by injecting the left side of my face. Nothing too dramatic, but just enough flaccidity to be noticed. Sable brown contacts. Pitiably pretty, is what my handler called me, or however it translates in english. Posed as a secretary from some sub-branch delivering the pill via typed memos. The catalyst (ipratropium) has been know to cause headache when it reacts with the dendromer. Don't know why it bothers me that it has this side affect.

The skirt did it's job. I did my job. Won't know if the pill did it's job. Don't care. By the time this is posted, I will have been on the run for two days. If I'm successful, if all the stump-busters I've been building and downing since my melt-down do their job, if my few as-yet-unknown-to-the-corporation friends come through, I will be lost to this shitty game of hired assassination and on my own.

If I was good enough at convincing my team mates, my shrink, and my lover that I was safely slotted away and doing my job, they will have had no way of knowing I was bolting yet again. AND, if the several MRIs and CT scans I've undergone in the last 24 hours prove reliable, I will be rice-free and on my way. Even tried a little electroconvulsive, just in case.

I'm done with this stupid corporation and the political games. I have my own scores to settle. I have many sins to atone for. So many pricks and so full bullets. But now I have the tools. Will I have the time? Only time will tell. If I was diligent and if I did my homework and if I found whatever they may have exposed me to, I'll live to see my planning pay off. If I missed something, I'm already dead.

For now, I'm somewhere in the middle east that is hostile to the US and UK so I won't have Them on my trail for a while. I just have to make it to my Hole. Once there, I can accomplish my aims without interruption or detection. How small can one little lady make herself in a big world? How hot will finding me be?


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