Monday, March 05, 2007


I am seeing things that I have never been exposed to before, although I am aware that they happen in my own country. However, to my knowledge, when our government/agencies torture a suspect, they at least try to do it in secret. We even deny it. Here at UZ they do not deny, they do not hide, they do not even apologize. I guess my work has kept me at a certain degree of separation from the actual outcome. I haven't had to look them in the eye as the tools I build, sometimes create, go to work and begin to tear apart their body and/or mind.

Fayd, my subject today, is an unfortunate kid from the wrong side of the sheets, but well-loved by his father, being the only male child. His father's wife bore two daughters, but she knows nothing about Fayd, who we grabbed in Gaza and brought here to lure his father to a meeting. The 11-year-old listened to the violence being brought upon another suspect directly across the hall. I'm sure he was placed there on purpose. I'm to infect the boy with a time-bomb locally built by my host laboratory. He will be released with a most compelling note for his father.

Will the strong-man risk his own life to save a bastard son? I hope so. He's a sweet kid, even though he has the attitude of a punk already. My handlers tell me the boy has already been involved in local killings. I find it so hard to believe.


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