Saturday, December 24, 2005


Xmas eve and we're still dead in the water. We move locations regularly. Every week or so. I have no idea what is going on in the real world but here in hell everyone is drunk. Love nog.

I guess I'll tell you that I slept with Will. Don't know why I feel guilty about it, it's not like I'm married. Of course if his people find out they'll court marshal him, or whatever the brits do when they call their officers up on charges. I'm sure shagging the enemy isn't allowed. Am I the enemy? or Just a bad guy? god, how am I classified? I haven't been charged officially yet. guess They'll hace to soon enought. Shit, I'm stoned. Can't type worth a damn. heeheehee who cares.

I'm not alone and that's what counts. Sucks to bbe alone on chistmas. Wonder if I'll get any gifts. haha, Maybe Lt. Blazic will stay the night. Yum. Shit, is he married? have a family to be home with? I can't remember if you or he ever mentioned one. He wears a ring but it's one of those signet kind of things. Guess it doens't matter at this poiknt. Seriously doubting he'll make that error in judgement again. BEsides, I'm sitting here eating pie with that wizeass Martienique. He's about as appealing as a pimple on my ass. I've never seen sucha young man act so old. Christ, you'd think he was 70 and all balled up the way he frowns at me. He disapproves of me cause I'm pagan. He asked me once why I wasn't afraid of going to hell. What an idiot. I asked him to explain to me how it could be worse than where I am now, then told him don't even go there when he offered to 'save' me. I could puke. Self=rightious bastard. He like s to watch me dress. f*cker, bastard. I should f*ck with his head. He's too easy. No, he might get mad and leave and I

shit, give me a tissue and another rum. I'm getting maudeline, how do you spell that, can't remember. God, what' s wrong with me. It's the blow-back. They won't give me Lily back, pete. F*ckers!!! no no no no no wo't go there, ca'nt
go there. F*ck this, gonna have another rum.

merry christmas new y9ork


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