Saturday, November 12, 2005

The New Me

The jackass did it again. I woke up today in trenton, and I don't recognise me. All I can say about it is "nice job". I was left instructions not to discuss what happened. I can say that they are giving the appearance of wanting to help me. One note to my lurkers, "Thanks for the hardware."

The week was uneventful if you can call waiting in terror for the unknown to sneak up behind you 'uneventful'. These flash-forwards are the worst. In the big picture they mean nothing, I guess, but to me it feels like days of my life are stolen and I'll never get them back.

Blazics crew set me up with clean (yeah, right) uplink via satalite so I can stay in communicaiton undetected. I have money but no plan yet. If he knows what he's doing with or for me, he hasn't shared that info. He said they may have a lead on the package, but all his time is taken up trying to figure out what you did to Ice. A thought, how do they know it was Ice? Why not Buckwheat or Lanturn or Shitcan? How do they know you didn't whip something up 'just specialy'?

You'd laugh your ass off if you could see what they did to my hair.


Blogger Evil Angry Me said...

Sounds like they did some ole Alias shit to your hair and cut it off, then dyed it bright pink, right!?!? Always thinking about you...

2:09 PM  

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