Thursday, November 17, 2005

Where are you!?

goddamit Blazic, I went to the meeting point. Where were you. When I arrived the whole area was blocked off by fire trucks and police. The building was in flames. I couldn't get anywhere near it. I listened to conversations that said there was gunfire and an explosion. Someone said it was a meth house and that a swat team killed someone inside. then the whole place went up. I followed or was it fate? Are we found out? Were you inside that mess? Please, please don't be dead.

I waited so long. I finally went to the back-up location and I've been here ever since. I've been bouncing between three differnt sites. How long do I wait until I assume you aren't coming?

andwhat do I do now. Am I a fugative? I had to abandon the fat-suit. I got caught in the rain and I couldn't carry the weight. Nothing left to do for the moment but get shitfaced.


Blogger Loose Lips said...

Dr. Quinn,

Sorry for the delay. I am your communications monitor. Lt. Blazic would like me to assure you that he is not dead and will be in contact shortly with status of operation.

Sgt. Green

ps: would caution against getting shit faced at this time.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Loose Lips said...

I apologize for not making our rendezvous but I had a bloody canary to deal with. I wanted to deliver this information in person but recent events make that impossible at this time. However, it is with some urgency that I attend to a certain matter that will require your input and instruction on events now in motion.

With deep regret I inform you that your husband’s father and sister were shot dead in their home last evening. You father-in-law, it would appear, held certain information, and once learned, he and Christine were killed. His wife was not at home and is currently in the care of relatives. The information the killers sought, we believe, was the location of your daughter’s grave.

What we have learnt from surveillance videos is this: Two days before the accident, Peter brought Lily to the labs to meet the team. It is our belief that during that visit, your daughter was exposed or by some means used as carrier for the rogue dendromer. The enemy believes the package remains viable and therefore it must be encapsulated in her remains.

I’m so very sorry.

Would that time allowed for the delicacy this issue requires. I pray for your understanding as I must ask for your help in the recovery.

5:55 PM  

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