Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It Comes as No Surprise

I've been under house arrest now for more than a week. There have been interrogations and meetings with various spooks. I don't know the location and don't really care. I'm not in Leavenworth...yet.

I'm allowed to keep my diary, big whoop. The aliens and I will make great friends. They think it may provide some direction that we haven't considered yet. They have me recreating everything we talked about and did. For months now they've been retracing every step you took that they can account for. Thanks to the patriot act all our records are under review. Thank god I paid cash for that copy of the Kama Sutra for your birthday.

The stress has become too much for me, I think. I don't leave my bed most days. Trouble eating and sleeping. I also wonder if I'm halucinating or if the feds are f*cking with my mind. My hair is growing back but I continue to lose frightening amounts of weight and I'm in relaps so thinking is a bit dodgy.

He lives! I saw Will for the first time today. I wasn't too sure how he came through our last encounter. No one would answer any questions for me. I wasn't sure why they still hold me until Will showed me The Times. Apparently your bastardized nano works. He wouldn't give me any specifics on its event chain. The big question on Will's mind now is whether this was the 'sample' target or do the bad guys have the product? I'm not sure anymore of what is going on. Not sure of what is real and what is bullshit.

They lied to us about the intented target but we know this victim was one. There was contact from whomever exposed him. Guess the bad guys were leary of us busting the tube and leaving them with nothing. Anyway, Lebanon is in an uproar. We are not able to satisfy their inquiries into how to stop this. Are we denying? What a pretty pickle. I'm guessing the feds are trying to recreate everything the victim did, hoping to find the catalyst. Won't make any difference if you kept the timeline the same in your bastard. I told Will that time was the catalyst in my pill. So simple. Don't think that as a weapon that particular aspect would prove acceptable. Not enough control. Quite a jump in thinking, from deterent to weapon.

An autopsy is out of the question. They are reluctant to send even tissue samples. The burn may have left residue. They worry that every anti-syrian official is a target. Great, we've built a new terror tool, taken a huge step toward a destablized middleeast, and created an international insident all at once.

Will is curious about the off-switch but they don't have a sample of the nano to verify if it would work. They cannot find your notes or data on its construction. Every bit of information you touched fell apart. Clever, but even I find it hard to believe you didn't make at least one back-up. I can't assure him that your version would even follow the same event chain but he's starting with the tube we built and hoping for a miracle. Me too.

I still have trouble, Pete, believing you had anything to do with this. I like to imagine that our project was hi-jacked and some slime-ball is really responsible. I never told anyone what we were trying. Did you? If so, who?

There I go again. Looking for hope where there isn't any. I'm the fool taking the fall. I won't even get a trial. I've become one of the disappeared. Does it really matter? No, I am responsible for this. One good will come of this. A victim somewhere will be unexplainable. Someone somewhere will talk. The right questions will be asked. Will there be proof? Silly rabbit. If there were proof, we weren't doing our job.


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