Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Alice in Chains

BTUI surrendered security video of my visit to the basement during my maternity leave. Talk about some monster leverage somewhere. I'm sure they deny everything and are cooperating in 'good faith'. Or maybe Will's folks just went in and took it. I don't know how long he's had it. Doesn't matter, I guess. There was never any doubt that Im f*cked.

The days continue a blur of questions, rehash. Trying to fill in the blank spots between what I was doing and what you did. We think we've figured out at least a partial on what you modified. Or rather what you didn't modify. We veiwed so much footage and couldn't find a single fault except for the baby's visit. And I still have my doubts about how and why your father was killed. It stinks. Really stinks and folks are starting to ask the right questions.

I suggested that perhaps you didn't muck with Ice, but rather, built a second molecule set. One that is self-assembling and builds on Ice and then stashed it in my tube. That would explain the FOP marker showing up in Lebanon. So much easier, don't you think? Save so much time. There was plenty of Ice sitting arround in ampules so there was no need to spend the resources. You just had to make it fatal. Will said something about it pulling apart hemoglobin. Definately Ice. But the event chain is wrong. It's amplified. That must be where the hitchhiker comes in. With no less that 16 receptors on my pill, it could be anything. Futile. We're f*cked. The combinations are astronomical. Without the sample, we could fish for years while people fall dead all around us. No one is saying it, but my guess is that the bad guys have the whole batch. I hold my breath everytime I watch the news. I cringe with every report of someone suffering shortness of breath, whether they live or die. Will's team is getting samples on every victim that may resemble cyanide poisoning. Especially if no cyanide is found.

We need to build an antidote. Did you laugh as hard as I just did? Antidote, yeah, right. Not without knowing the event chain. I could be carrying it in my pocket and be dead before I knew I needed it. And there's no such thing as a vaccine. Exposure alert? Not practical, even knowing we could use the FOP marker.

The suckage continues. All that keeps me going is involvement in trying to stop whomever got hold of your nano. It's the only time I'm allowed out of restraints. Can you believe it. I spend nearly 24 hours a day in shackles. Despite being riced again, Will doesn't want me getting loose anymore. I'm never alone at any time and all my food he prepares himself. My every waking hour is spent in drills. Except for the few moments that I'm allowed in the lab with Will. I wonder if he believes me. If he understands that I didn't want this to happen. That I'm trying to fix it. Why do I care? I guess I want someone to believe me. Even one person. It would be nice if it was him. I like him. Even when he's a prick, he's a polite prick. And for now he's keeping me alive, for what it's worth.

Spook was arrested. Will tells me the fat bastard tried to flee the country. Did they realized, just like Will and I did, that this whole thing was just too big to succeed without help higher up the food chain? Even if he isn't directly involved, he's the next scapegoat. Someone has to fall and it won't be the handsome british officer who's chasing the bad guys and building a cure. I bet there's shit flying everywhere around this and no one wants to get it on them.

There's the dinner bell. wonder what Will made today?


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