Friday, November 18, 2005

All Assumptions Lost

How could he have done this, Will? We were actually in love once. He brought me into the project. he wanted children. said they would make us whole.

And you! Oh so British and proper. I can just imaginee how you squirmed, having to write such a note. Are the two sargents here to protect me or babysit? Keep me from blowing my brains out before you find it? I guess you are a target too, since you know where I am. Does it worry you? Do I have to get riced again?

They'll never find her, you know. Never. Can't we just leave her alone?

When Christine was 5 years old she told me my feet smelled like 'old ladies'. "What do old ladies smell like" I asked her. She said "they smell like beef". She was so young and sweet and pretty. Why would anyone kill her?

And now here I sit waiting for you to come and convince me to take you to Lily. Why? It won't help you discover the catelyst. It won't stop whatever is going to happen to the test subject. And i know your argument. If they get their hands on me they will find her and have a new weapon and I will be dead. But I know the company would never let that happen. I'm surprised they haven't burned me already. They must really want that dendromer back.


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