Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lucretia Comes Out of Hiding

He knows who I am. He also knows about this diary. We IM'd for a short while.

My stalker, that's what I'm calling the note guy (or girl?), said there was going to be a high-profile exposure in the next few weeks. One that cannot be missed. Someone close to head-of-state status. He didn't say if it would be a kswitch. God, I'm so scared. I feel like I'm in the middle of some scheme that I don't know anything about. Stalker and Blazic keep treating me like I'm a player in something. Stalker knows and I think he wants to tell me what is happening. But he thinks I'm playing dumb. What have you gotten me into Pete? Was Blazic involved?

Blazic made a pass at me during dinner, I think. Maybe, I don't know. He may have been trying to comfort me. He took my hand and held it too long. I tried to pull away and at first he wouldn't let go. He is looking for something, Pete. He had all kinds of questions about things I don't know about. Where you were on such date and when you returned from that trip to whereever. What he's after, I don't know. More importantly, who is he trying to find it for?


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