Friday, October 20, 2006

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

The nkorea pill is being constructed today. We spent days pouring over everything we could get our hands on regarding kji. We’ve found a vector that can get closer than anything the big shots could come up with themselves. They are always making things more complicated than need be. Not so, our plan. Simplicity itself. The cleaning lady will unwittingly apply a tweeked-up strain of Ice to his furniture. Catalyst is polyethylene glycol in oj. Event chain is under 12 hours and the burn rate is less than one, so the collateral damage should be minimal. We’re hoping to catch him in his sleep. Less likely to have medical intervention if he just never wakes up. Not that a doc would help, just less questions asked. Will they miss him? Who in the west can say.

The fun part of this little enterprise is we are also targeting three of his closest associates. We will be infecting them with H5N1. A less virulent strain will also be let loose inside three others, who will suffer no affects but show the bug in their systems. One of these targets will soon be returning from a known hotspot, completing the scrutiny event chain.

The remaining question is how quickly can we get the pill into circulation? We have a handle on a couple mules but we don’t trust them quite enough. Our data miner is looking into purchasing histories to find a hole there for insertion. Then it’s just a matter of time until they open the bottle.


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