Monday, November 06, 2006


Working on the south of the border (way south) issue. Wil isn't sharing the details with me so my guess is that we are to hit someone other than our prescribed target. If it's who I suspect, there will be serious blow-back. There are factions working to destabilize the area and it looks like the company has taken sides. Whether it's for money or prestige doesn't matter much. All I know is we're about to scratch one head-of-state right before election time unless someone puts on the breaks. Don't we just love negotiations.

We are having no trouble at all with the suspected terror cell. The whole crew burns in two days. We are dropping shitcan into their building and then striking the match after samples are taken to test the burn. There are a few small issues. There are shanty huts all around the three-story structure. We're gonna put a bunch of poor folks out of their homes. We're gonna do our best to make sure they notice the smoke but they've only got about ten minutes before the explosion.


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