Friday, December 01, 2006

Slop Job

Someone got lazy and used detectable isotopes. Sloppy. They should leave this stuff to the pros. Guess they didn't care about detection, but the blow-back will be substantial. Wouldn't want that bullseye on my back. Bosses were snickering about that as well as some other op that went south, which supposedly involved the competition. They haven't quite mastered the stolen nano. It showed up as well. Burn didn't complete and the event chain broke somewhere during the exposure. Best advertising we could hope for, tho not without it's own problems. Lacking government contracts they may seek less orthodox markets.

We're prepping for a deep one now. Supposed to take many months to complete. I'm building the pill but not involved in the deployment. We are near to having a man inside a very tight group in Iran that has connections to troublemakers in Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes I wish I was privy to all the machinations involved in the various governments, but then, I'm glad I'm not. The governments are nothing but a mask worn by various guys trying to garner power and money and revenge. These schmucks hide their individual foibles behind the group face. These guys make it look like the world revolves around the middle east. God, I wish we could cut the whole lot of them off at the knees. But we are working a more subtle game. These guys like chess.

I'm going to be involved in a small op in a few weeks. Simple stuff. Make a bunch of people sick at he same time. Haven't got the details yet, but once the secondary targets go down, our 'hero' will step in to take over the situation. Scares me a bit cause it will involve pilots on a commercial aircraft. We're grounding a private flight just prior to take-off, forcing some exec to take a United flight. We'll emergency land in a location yet tbd and hand the primary target over to a private interest that the guy's been ripping off. We are then to assist in extracting information on where he's been hiding stolen funds and pre-patent info on a drug that he's trying to slip to a high-bidder competitor. Note to self: don't f*ck with the pharmaceutical companies.

I hate this petty, money-based shit. There are so many other issue we should be helping to address.


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