Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hell's Junky - A Pilot Project

What a rush the last weeks have been!

Where do I begin? The short story: went to Copenhagen to kill a high-ranking Ruski snitch. Wil (must remember there's only one 'l' for the #2 boss) processed the assignment on very short notice. I got to go this time, not just build the bug.

We learned the target was taking part in a motorcycle ride over several days through 1100km of scenic Europe. I was teamed with Meg, two-up on a custom Touring. Nice ride, by the way. We were 'sisters touring the backroads'. We dropped into the ride second day out when they stopped for the evening. Not a soul cared, it was all very casual, with bikers dropping in and out during different stretches of the route. Target was cautious but a lady's man and easy to get close to once Meg and I started giggling over pictures of 'our trip'. It was great, Wil's team had us pho-shopped into pictures of places I've never even dreamed I'd see and sure haven't ever been. God, I wish I was allowed to keep real pictures but nope, everything burned as soon as we exposed the target.

Couple of beers and we could have put our hands in his pants if we'd been inclined. Meg carried the bug and I carried the catalyst. Couple of drunken kisses and mission accomplished. We didn't need to hang around after the pill was dropped. Not a whole lot to the job itself other than we did some awsome curves and when the time came, pop went his left ventricle. Oh my, how did that happen? His Ducati took a big tumble right down a hill with him on it. Not a blink or ripple anywhere suggesting it was anything other than an accident. Burn rate perfect, 11 hours spot on, and no residue. Lakes pulled the path samples while waiting for the medical response.


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