Monday, January 16, 2006

The 10th Plague

I'm sooo tired. Will and I have been working ourselves to exhaustion these days but still no clue as to the catalyst. We can't find a thing about it in any of the documentation so we're going on the assuption that it's time and some unknown physical factor in the target, ie gender, since the known exposures were male.

We've been working on a stump-buster for the dendromer. I have to wonder why. The burn rate is so quick that I doubt that anything we pull together would be of benefit unless initiated within minutes of an exposure. Without knowing the target we're unprepared, and we could not make enough of it to go around as a preemptive measure. There were three ampules missing, enough for quite a massacre. Cpt Crunch may hold the clue to whom the intendeds are. Spook had her tucked away somewhere to recover and we hope she's still alive. She's the most hunted by all agencies at this point.

I am still floored at the information contained in Pete's files. These people are insane. We could unwrap the human genome and never have the key to what makes an 'Israeli' or 'Chinese' or any ethnicity for that matter. The world is too small now for hard and fast lines. Am I being nieve? And how large was her hate, or the hate of those she worked for. It's not the first time one ethnic group has attempted to wipe another from the earth, but certainly a complex concept. And who's next? After every man in the country is dead? Are the women not considered Israeli as well? Not sure of their thinking, with all that 'Isaac's Line' stuff. I guess we're lucky Rojas' associates were targeting specific people.

The PM tested positive. We have to find those ampules.


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