Thursday, October 06, 2005

...when good people do nothing

I returned to learn that cpt crunch has been transferred not only from her rehab but from the area. Spirited away to some local that I dare not inquire about. What's done is done and cannot be undone. I cannot let it go because I am still connected thru my actions and will be forever. I will eventually have to take responsibility for what I've done. But I would do it again.

I'm really missing you now that the holidays are upon us. Remember how we planned to dress the baby up and trick or treat at your parents' house? No, don't go there! That door has closed, that path was washed away.

I saw another case for my little nanos while in the Windy City. Too many actually. But one really stood out from the brass and ass that was paraded the whole week over. His name was Cassidy. 50-something self-described stud muffin and "kaffa-hater" from South Africa that was drunk nearly every time I saw him, no matter the time of day. Anyway, he ended up in handcuffs for DUI after passing out and side-swiping a street-cleaning truck at 4 in the morning. Apparently he’s a big repeat offender in the great city of Chicago. But guess what? He had a get-out-of-jail-free card. Diplomatic Immunity. Rumor was he'd been involved in a bad one a couple years ago but walked. Left the country for 9 months, that was it. F*cker. Why do they get away with it? Why are we so tolerant of drunk drivers in this country, or any? Let's take up caning like they do in Malaysia

You know I've always felt it was premeditated murder so how come it doesn't get treated as such? They know it’s a crime, they know they will kill someone, yet they chose to do it anyway. Squash them all if I could. I guess that is why I'm not god. But I'm getting tired of society sitting on its hands when it comes to criminals like this. A rapist gets a year and his victim spends the rest of their life a zombie. A suit rapes a company and walks while those whose futures were invested and lost lose their homes. A driver who kills while drunk gets sentenced to give piano lessons for 9 months while the parents of his victim remain bathed in injustice. There is no balance.

The Age of Vigilante is being birthed. I’ve played my part. I think about continuing my fight...


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