Friday, October 14, 2005

I hate working with Spooks!

The 'why' isn't important, but I wanted to thank the crew that handled the accident scene. I tried contacting the hospital to get the names or company number that responded and transported you and Lily to the VA and they couldn't give me any information. They told me that the records had been sealed and classified. That's rediculous, I thought.

I tried asking Spook and he couldn't (wouldn't?) give me any details. Despite being first to reach the hospital he said he couldn't recall. This is most strange because following the accident he told me that he had gotten the details directly from the ambulence crew.

What the hell is going on, Pete? Why are the details of your death being buried? Spoogmeyer says I'm being paranoid. My ass! Next thing I tried was finding the impound for our car...GONE. The car is gone. Suposedly some paperwork screw up. The manager says 'the owner' showed up with the pink slip and requested the thing be scrapped. "White guy, tall, brown or blondish hair?" I asked to see the paperwork and he told me that was against policy. I showed him my insurance card since it was the only proof of ownership I had on me. He said it wouldn't matter, he'd managed to misplace the receipt book a couple weeks ago.

How about a police report? Classified. MPs were not much fun to argue with. Even your historical medical records and all records of your treatment at the VA have gone bye-bye.

What happend, Pete? What REALLY happened?! Now that Capt Crunch has disappeared too, I may never find out.


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