Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rock the MIC

21 days in Silicon Valley. I spent every morning for many days jogging around a middle school track. Just for the view. Not mine, but the secondary target's. I hate to call him that. The initial plan called for killing this guy. Mid-thirties, good looking, married with two kids and a policeman/fire fighter for the city of Sunnyvale. Lure him, meet him, kill him, all to get his parents to his funeral. F*ck that! I balked and Wil backed me up. We decided on a non-leathal exposure that would hospitalize him. (why always with the 'killing'?, shit. Bosses suck)

So, around the track I went each morning, Wil at my side (didn't he look cute nearly bald). Secondary was there most mornings. We'd nod and say hi, nothing more. About two weeks in, Wil drops a pill and plays at a heart attack. Our ever-vigilant EMT stops to help. He helps Wil into the ambulance, shakes hands, wishing Wil good health, and blammo, he's now exposed. Three days later he develops an artery blockage requiring hospitalization. I'm sweating cause if this man's f*cking mom doesn't visit him in the hopsital, we have to drop him. Morning of surgery mom pops in to stiffly plant a kiss and then it's back to the Hoover.

Mom is quite the woman. Lead on several committees at the HI and hugely involved in development of the US military industrtial complex. Appears so tight she squeeks. Not a damn hair out of place. She is rarely seen outside the Institute and travels everywhere with no less that three body guards. Very successful and very powerful. So who wants her squashed? No doubt someone who wants her job. Maybe she's become a liability? Not our problem.

Dutifully, mom comes to wish her little boy well under the knife. Under the guise of needing more room, 'nurse John-john' casually grabs mom's wrist and gives her a polite nudge. blammo, primary target is exposed. The microdot penetrates the skin within the hour. Our little bugs start working on her bowels. She's taking several meds for diverticulitus so we're hoping any symptoms will be ignored by the target as irritable bowels. The defect created will distroy the blood supply to her colon within 24 hours and go undetected, hopefully, until well past the stage of acute toxicity. The bug will burn at 36 hours and appear as a blood clot upon autopsy.

We are expecting her to drop today. Our Stanford man will hang around just in case she is brought in and assure mission completion.


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