Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The pill is ready and waiting, tho I had to make a custom adjustment. The Boss wanted the burn rate slowed to allow for the target's participation in some political vote. The rest of the mission remains unchanged. Wil gets the pill on Friday and exposes Mrs. Target that evening. She will be shaking hands with everyone in the room. Huge exposure. More that 110 guests are expected, including some of our own dignitaries. I was able to narrow the risk further after getting a blood sample.

Turns out the target has antibodies for Pontiac Fever. Woo f*cking hoo.

After months, we have a lead on Cpt Crunch. That whole chapter has been in the hands of some very scary gents. the kind with unrestricted license to do what is necessary to obtain the objective.

I still burn candles for you, Lily. I'm so sorry.


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