Saturday, September 17, 2005

In your shoes

The warrent officer has replaced you in the lab. His name is Lt. Willm Blazic. No, really, that’s how he spells it. Jean’s already calling him willamina, says he’s too pretty to be a man. She misses you so much. Everyone does. I'm tired of the eggshells. I now not only feel life a freak, everyone treats me like one. The strain is visible. Doc bumped up the meds, doing a little better.

Back to golden boy...Some kind of counterpart that was working out of the UK on the same stuff. He was part of a civilian until a couple years ago, did consulting for the corporate contracts. He was offered a commission and now he’s here. He says he knew you, that you corresponded and talked a couple times. Nice enough guy I guess but he asks too many squiddy questions. Don’t know if he’s really clueless or just fishing. That’s not fair, he knows his stuff, and yours too, apparently. He took over Icefox. Spoogmeyer says he’s not yet briefed on Evergreen and wants it that way for a while.


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