Monday, September 05, 2005

Viewing the vile

I saw the woman who did this. I went by the hospital to collect your affects and stopped by the ICU to thank the staff there. They did such a wonderful job of taking care of us both. That's when I saw her. Can you believe they had the bitch parked two doors down from where they had you. If I'd have know then what I know now I'd have taken a stick to her. Or a pillow. My views on DUIs is no secret to anyone.

She's in pitiful shape. Broken pelvis, shattered femur, broken jaw, some liver damage that managed to stop bleeding on its own. She'll miss her smile, because it's damn-near gone. No one can believe she survived. Isn't that the f*cking way of it? She's gonna be there for a while, but she gets to live.

She's awake now and was being questioned by this new warrant officer from the UK that's been following Spook around for a couple weeks. I was still in my lab coat and nobody seemed to notice me there, I could hear most of what was said. Major, on loan from Dallas, works for communications, whatever that means. She swears she only had a sip of champagne at a wedding that afternoon, doesn't remember anything about the accident, nor what she was doing in town so far from the wedding. Said she was staying in Playa del Rey with some bride's maid. Even claimed to be Buddhist! Guess she's going straight to hell.

Something happened to my sense of humor in all this. You won't find me as charitable as I used to be. In fact, I'm quite bitter, gets worse the more time goes by. Maybe it's just the drugs? I'm pitying me. Shit, I hate that!


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