Monday, September 12, 2005

Rays of Light

What as day. You know I usually don’t like this time of year much because the sunlight comes too late for me to get my morning run in before work, and you know how lazy I am after work. And it’s so hot, too hot for running or biking or skating. But today, when I got off work, the sky was clear and the air was cool, and you should see the fog bank fighting it’s way over the mountains to get into the valley. For the first time in weeks I felt a sense of calm that reminded me of the old me. I guess it helps that things were very uneventfull in the lab. Oh, except that Natalie’s 13-year-old became sexually active. God! 13. And all to spite her mom. Those two. Well, you know. You were privy to enough of their battles. It just bugs me that some stupid teen-aged boy decided that it was okay to get on with a 13-year-old in a shed. Shit, a shed. No kid of mine will ever be a ‘shed’ kind of kid. Shit, shit, shit. don’t start crying. It’ll ruin a beautiful afternoon.

I hope the old me comes back. I don’t much care for this new one. Too glum. Maybe it’s just the drugs.

Stephen invited me to go riding up in the hills this weekend. I’m very uncomfortable with the idea. I was never the nut on my bike like the two of you were. He said he’ll behave. Yeah, right. First time some rocket passes him he’ll be off like a shot.

What are the chances that the weekend will be like today? Can the sun be soft and forgiving and the breeze hang around. What a change to be able to see the foothills instead of grey sludge. Who likes to chew their air? If it were Thursday instead of Monday I might hold onto a chance that the weather will hold.

That AMN kswitch is still a hot topic. I couldn't believe it but Spook actually agreed with me and sent in the report as it stood. Damn! Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We still haven't a clear picture of what the catalyst was. I understand they are sampling everything down there to find out and that Spook recommended that they reexamine that particular dendromer.

I have to wonder if the government and the company give any consideration to what could happen to the whole nano industry if the world ever learned of what we are doing? But what really blows my mind is that some sharp person didn't start asking very public questions as soon as the med industry started publishing. I mean, my god, it's not a very big leap to go from cure to weapon with this stuff. Are people really that naive or distracted? Or do they continue to have misplaced faith that an industry will police itself? Haaaaaahahahahhahahaha. We humans are Fools. Who needs bombs and tanks when you can just dump a little nano in an area and suddenly the whole f*cking city drops dead during a naturally-occuring electrical storm.


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